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Steve Millaway

Steve is founder/Managing director with TechFarms Capital. After receiving an electrical engineering degree from the University of Florida, Steve went on to work with Burr-Brown Corporation in Tucson, Arizona (since acquired by Texas Instruments). During his 16 years at Burr-Brown, he designed many of the company’s most successful semiconductor products including the industry’s highest precision operational amplifier, the OPA111.


In 1994, Steve founded Gain Technology Corporation, an integrated circuit design center that developed semiconductor chips for a variety of companies including Maxim Integrated Products, Raytheon and Intel. To its credit, the company designed the industry’s first USB 2.0 chip, which it later licensed to Intel. That chip ultimately became the basis for the USB2.0 ports found today in 2B+ PCs, laptops, tablets & peripherals. Gain Technology was acquired by Standard Micro systems Corporation (Nasdaq: SMSC) in 2002. During that time, Steve also founded Gain Communications, Inc., a full-service Internet Service Provider (ISP) in Arizona. The company developed and deployed the nation’s first two-way wireless broadband Internet service –a service that eventually became known as “Wi-Fi”. In 2006, Gain Communications merged with Dakota Internet Partners and is today’s southern Arizona’s largest ISP.

Currently, Steve is an investor, adviser, and board member for numerous startups and is a board member of Defensewerx. He also serves on Gulf Coast State College’s District Board of Trustees in Panama City, Florida and in an advisory role for the college’s Advanced Technology Center Advisory Group, Entrepreneurship Advisory Committee, and the Millaway Institute for Entrepreneurship.

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