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Chaos Audio Receives Student Entrepreneurial Award



Students developing the first intelligent foot pedal for electric guitarists

PANAMA CITY BEACH, FLORIDA, March 10, 2020 — Chaos Audio, a new student-led, audio technology startup, is the recipient of TechFarms’ first annual Best Student Startup award sponsored by Gulf Power Company. The award, which includes a $3,000 mini-grant from Gulf Power, is part of Gulf Power’s Entrepreneurial Support Initiative 2019 program that aims to help accelerate the growth of Northwest Florida’s entrepreneurial ecosystem.

Both TechFarms and its venture capital arm, TechFarms Capital, screened the candidates and ultimately selected Chaos Audio based on the strength of the founding team and the disruptive nature of the company’s product. The Chaos team also received additional funding from TechFarms and two-years free admission to the TechFarms incubator.

Chaos’ first product, the Chaos Stratus, is an innovative, patent-pending electric guitar “Smart Pedal” which allows musicians to download a variety of audio sound effects to the foot pedal as opposed to traditional pedals that incorporate only one sound effect. With the Smart Pedal, musicians use a smartphone or tablet app to download hundreds of different sound effects from the app store. The pedal also incorporates a metronome, guitar tuner, and recording capability. The company plans to offer an online platform that allows musicians to create their own sound effects and the option to sell them on both the Google and Apple app stores.

“We are so grateful to have this opportunity,” said Landon McCoy, Chaos Audio’s founder and CEO. “The support we’ve received from everyone is awesome and we’re really excited to move forward with our product development plans. As students, we’re still learning a lot from our classes, but starting a new business gives our team a chance to experience what it’s really like in the real world.”

“Building an entrepreneurial ecosystem throughout Northwest Florida is one of the best ways we can help create the skilled workforce needed to help attract larger firms to our area”, said Steve Millaway, TechFarms founder and CEO. “The Chaos Audio team is an excellent example of what can happen when local colleges and universities team up with the private sector to help student entrepreneurs launch companies. In this case, the Chaos team is comprised of students from Gulf Coast State College, FSU-PC, and the University of West Florida – truly an example of regional cooperation.”

About Chaos Audio: Located in Panama City Beach, FL, Chaos Audio is an audio electronics company dedicated to delivering innovative products to musicians worldwide. See:

About Gulf Power: Gulf Power Company is an energy provider and subsidiary of NextEra Energy and serves nearly half a million customers in Northwest Florida. See:

About TechFarms: Located in Panama City Beach, FL, TechFarms is a technology incubator that provides space, equipment, mentoring, and access to capital. See:

Media Contact: Steve Millaway, CEO TechFarms, c: (850) 896-2871, e:

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